Our studio proudly offers both massage and bodywork, plus thai yoga therapy.

Thai massage is a massage modality that combines yoga movements with muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure are also used during treatment.

Often called “lazy man’s yoga” it is done on a mattress on the floor fully clothed and relaxed. Not only will it relax you, reduce stress, improve circulation and increase your energy — but it is one of the few modalities that will give you increased flexibility and range of motion. Because of the movement and yoga-like poses, we are also able to tap nerve receptors that have never been engaged.

Appointments are now booking time two weeks out. Schedule an appointment here.

60-120 minutes // $65-$100

Massage & Bodywork

Signature Flow Massage- A full body massage with a slow, trance-like rhythm to melt muscle tension, or just to simply escape and relax. 30-90 minutes // $35-$95

Deep Blend Muscle Therapy- Perfect massage for deep muscle relief. A custom blend of deep tissue, myofascial release and thai techniques, coupled with the doTERRA deep blue essential oil. This massage will relieve sore muscles, increase range of motion, promote circulation and decrease inflammation. 60-120 minutes // $75-$150

Breathe- Clear and soothe sinuses and airways with facial massage, essential oil therapy and reflexology. 30 minutes/$40 or add-on to a massage for $20

Balance- Ground and connect through a specialized foot massage, reflexology, and essential oil therapy. 30 minutes/$40 or add-on to a massage for $20