Dear Community, 


It doesn’t seem right to deliver this news on the heels of celebrating our 6th year in business. We started the year with so much hope and promise, as we opened a new studio in Monroe and prepared for what we thought would be our best year. 


We reopened in the end of May, adhering to protocols laid out by the state, hoping to at least stem the bleeding of the previous months. We were optimistic as we saw many of you returning but that soon diminished as the reality set in. The industry as a whole was forever changed. You were forever changed. 


My heart is heavy as I regret to announce the closing of EBB & FLOW effective this Saturday. It is a heart breaking decision to close a family business for so many reasons — we have poured blood, sweat and tears. 


I have no doubt that this will be hard news for you, our faithful community, especially those who worked and prayed hard to help see us through this trying time. It is my greatest pride that we watched so many people develop friendships under our roof and connect with others they wouldn’t have met otherwise.


Thank you so much for being a part of the whole. Thank you to our founding members who believed in us beyond words. Thank you to our teachers, who brought their incredible gifts to our students and held space for each and every one. I would like to deeply thank Felicia, JB, Jen, Joe, Sara and Whitney, for their flexibility, commitment and hard work in these last few months. Thank you Amber, our studio manager, for her kindness, grace and patience as she worked tirelessly for our studio and our community. Her gifts extend beyond the art of touch. Thank you Kevin and my kids for your endless support and commitment to our dream.


The sadness is diminished only by the comfort I take in knowing that we have brought yoga to a community that needed it and even without our physical presence, that gift remains. 


What remains: 

* EBB & FLOW Online Yoga (Live Classes Weekly)

* For at least the next 30 days, privates and massage appointments, but please speak directly to your therapist about current bookings and location, and/or to arrange future appointments 

* Float memberships and participants will be able to use the pod until our schedule is cleared (we will be in touch with you)

* Our 2021 Peru Retreat is still a go and you will be contacted for further information on those logistics and payments


Unused Class Passes 

*Studio 4 Fitness, Loganville welcomes you to use your passes towards any Body Flow class on the schedule (Cannot be exchanged for cash or credit and is good for the next 30 days). See their website.


*Performance Power Yoga welcomes you to use your remaining active passes toward regularly scheduled classes over the next 30 days (New clients only. Cannot be exchanged for cash or credit. Subject to availability. Further restrictions may apply. Contact [email protected] for more info. ).


If you have any questions, please let me know. I hope that our paths will cross in the future.