Our Doors Are Reopened!


Our public classes will be limited to 6 people in Loganville and 4 people in Monroe. In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we will be doing things to insure our community’s safety.

Firstly, we will be disinfecting the studio twice a day, offering a mat cleaning station, and several hand sanitizers. Our classes will be limited in the beginning, so that we can assure that we are meeting your needs. Mats will be spaced 10 feet apart. For the time being, we will not be heating our classes until we feel that it is safe.


When you arrive, the door will be open for students to enter and exit freely. Remove your shoes immediately and place them in the cubbies. You will need to bring all your own yoga props, but bring only what you need for class into the studio. We recommend leaving purses, phones, and extraneous items in your car.

As usual, you must be pre-registered for the class, but upon arrival the teacher will check you into class. When walking through the boutique, please allow space and distance between yourself and other students and make your way to the classroom.


• In the classroom, please align your mats to the blue tape for class and afterward class, use our station to clean your mat and props. Our existing cancellation policy is in place, so you will need to cancel a class at least 2 hours prior to avoid being charged.
• To attend classes, you will need to be in good health and not exhibited the following symptoms for the last 24 hours:
• Fever over 100.4
• Cough or shortness of breath
• Been in contact or living with anyone who exhibited these symptoms in the last 14 days
• In addition, if you will be using our massage and float services, we will screen your temperature prior to the appointment.

Our online classes and live classes will continue to be available to those who cannot attend in person classes, and private opportunities will be available for those who need a more controlled environment or have specific therapeutic needs.


We are open for Yoga classes and spa services

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