We are about creating balance — in the body, mind, and spirit. What we see in nature, we see in ourselves. With that in mind, our studio and spa offer a little bit of all of the elements to create a healthy flow of energy in your body. 



Our lightest and most expansive classroom, where we hold most of our classes. A naturally lit room that also provides privacy to our practioner’s, this room has a wealth of props are available to all who take class. It is also home to our ocean flow classes and future aerial yoga classes.


Our warm and hot room, also serves as a sanctuary for our smaller classes. This is a cozy room with cushioned sustainable flooring. 


Our cleanly and minimally designed meditation room, also outfitted for learning and class lectures. This room is where you cut through the clutter of the day and moving inward for self-study and introspection to help our students find peace within.



Our beautifully designed massage room grounds you and nurtures you. The feeling of this room is one of care and physical/mental rest and ease. Here you will receive any of our bodywork services from our amazing staff. 


These rooms are home to Gwinnett county’s first
saltwater floatation therapy pods. Drop-in and float in our therapy pod, and let yourself be healed by the ocean. You can choose to float with soft lights and an open lid, or you can experience sensory-deprivation, shutting off the outside world for 60-120 minutes.