Class Schedule Change: New Classes

Starting August 9, Tuesday and Thursdays All Levels will be SPLIT into two different classes. Join us at 8A for All Levels Form, a 60-minute slow paced alignment based yoga including yin postures. Later in the morning, join us for 9:30 All Levels Flow, a 75-minute vinyasa based class with an emphasis on strength and movement.


These classes are similar to our existing classes on Saturdays! Please let us know what you think.


IMG_0167This unique board is a collaboration of art + yoga, as we have teamed up with Dizzy Gypsy of Lawrenceville to create this magnificent piece of art on a BOGA Todos Board (10'2 x 32)! It will be raffled off at YogaFest on July 23 in conjunction with our 2nd birthday.

Our hope as we promote and sell raffle tickets, is that we will bring awareness to yoga, SUP (standup paddleboarding) and the art community. The board is currently at the studio and ticket sales will began LAST WEEK. The piece of work will tour east side Gwinnett until it meets its owner!

Only 100 raffle tickets will be sold at $50 (maximum 4 per person). Get yours before they are SOLD OUT! Buy online here.

Fine print: Winner must respond within 24 hours of winning the board. The winner is responsible for shipping/pickup of the board. Staff and employees of either organizations are not eligible.





New to yoga? Here are some helpful tips for attending your first class…

We have been so fortunate to have so many new yogis join us for class. This is a previously published etiquette list that we thought might those of you who are new and for some who might have forgotten. We'd like to thank Yoga Journal for these do’s and don’ts. We think that it helps foster a stronger community.

Arrive early

Tardiness to yoga class is disruptive and disrespectful to the teacher and other students. To avoid being late, aim to arrive 15 minutes before class is scheduled to start; this gives you time to relax, breathe, and settle in. If you can’t help being a few minutes late, wait outside the class until any opening meditations have ended—barging in and setting up your mat during these times is noisy and bothersome to your fellow students trying to bliss out. We firmly believe that late people are the usually the ones who need yoga the most -- but there is a point where it becomes disruptive to others. We give our students a window. Doors will lock 10 minutes after class begins... please do not knock if you have missed this window. And if you are habitually late, teachers will have to talk with you about a strategy for arriving on time.

Talk to the teacher

If you have any injuries (past or current), concerns or contraindications, talk to the teacher before class. This way, the teacher can recommend variations on certain poses during practice to allow you to reap the benefits without unnecessary strain. Speak up if something doesn’t feel right, but don’t “hog” the teacher during class; if you have lots of concerns, consider scheduling a private session.

Remove your shoes

The studio stays most hygienic if everyone leaves their shoes (yes, even flip-flops) outside the classroom. And pay attention where you’re walking barefoot—it’s a major no-no to tread on other students’ mats.Relish the quiet. A yoga classroom is like a sanctuary—people come here to relax and find peace. Honor this by observing as much quiet as possible: Try not to make distracting sounds (i.e. overzealous grunts and groans). If you want to chat with your neighbor, do so honoring those around you who may not want to chat.

Turn off your cell

Make a habit of doing this before you step foot into the yoga studio; nothing is more grating then the sound of a ringing cell phone during practice. (And few things are as embarrassing as scrambling to silence your phone in the middle of class!) [At Ebb & Flow, we ask that when possible you leave your phone with your other personal belongings at the cubbies at the front of the studios, or better yet, consider leaving it in your car!]

Consider hygiene

Sweat is good—it’s a sign you’re working hard and a healthy way to cleanse the body of toxins. However, if you’re prone to heavy perspiration, bring a towel to class to mop your brow (so you don’t drip on your neighbor’s mat) and wipe up any excess sweat on or around your mat after class.

Skip the scents

Many people have sensitivities to perfumes and scented body lotions; help us keep our studios fragrance-free by avoiding applying any aromatic products before class. If you’re concerned about stink, shower before class and use unscented deodorant.

Keep your belongings outside class
Floor space in a classroom can be limited, so keep your “footprint” small. Limit the belongings near your mat to the bare essentials, going even more minimal during popular classes. : a water bottle, towel, and maybe an additional layer for the relaxation period at the end of class. Leave your coat, purse, keys, cell phone (turned off, of course) duffel bag and whatever else in the designated area outside the classroom.

Wear appropriate clothing
Select clothing based on what type of yoga you’ll be doing, the temperature of the room, and what will be most comfortable for the duration of class. Avoid clothing that is too baggy and loose (which can get in your way during certain poses) as well as clothing that is too tight or revealing—no one wants to witness a “wardrobe malfunction” during class!

Excuse yourself quietly
If you must use the restroom during class, it’s most polite to wait until a short period of rest like child’s pose or between asanas. Excuse yourself quietly, trying not to obstruct other students’ view of the teacher.

Stay ‘til the end
Savasana is a delicious period of relaxation at the end of each yoga class. If you roll up your mat and dash out the door during this quiet time, you’re not only annoying your fellow students, you’re missing out on what is arguably the most essential part of the practice. Forget about the to-do list that awaits you after class, and allow yourself to really sink in to this incredibly restoring pose. Breathe and remind yourself this is why you’re here. You’ll be glad you did!

Clean-up Your Space
Be sure to put any props away where you found them and if you use one of our yoga mats, we ask that you use the cleaner to wipe it down before you hang it back up.


Mermaid Academy >> Last Day to Get a Swag Bag!

2016 Mermaid Academy
SUP Yoga Certification
World Paddling Association Level I Certification

R E G I S T E R:
The cost of the course is $695 for the whole weekend. Register on or before May 1 and receive our mermaid swag bag. Follow this link to register.

C O U R S E  C O N T E N T:
*Standup paddleboard history + board care
*Safety + Responsibility
*Entry, exit, launch, landing
*Environmental factors
*Stroke mechanics
*Yoga asana + practices for varied abilities (seated, standing, etc)

I N S T R U C T O R S:
Megan Kearney, 200 E-RYT, WPA 1, ARC Lifeguard
Tara McCabe, 500 E-RYT, WPA 2

Inflatables SUPS? Here’s my take…

Boga Inflatable-2Inflatables SUPS? Here's my take...
By Kevin Kearney

I have to admit, as a fan of traditional boards, I was a little skeptical. But then I have a trailer for hauling and space to store all of our long boards. But for those of you who don't, or even when I myself want to take a quick short spin around the lake, the traditional boards have their cons. So, when BOGA debuted the Boga Air, we tried it and same when Rogue debuted the Skiff, and I was pleasantly surprised. Megan was able to do yoga on the boards they were so stable and it took me less than 5 minutes to manually pump the board! So here is what I thought...

Shipping, storing and transporting traditional 10'-12' stand-up paddleboards can be challenging. Inflatable SUP boards, on the other hand, deflate and inflate on-demand and can be rolled up into a backpack bag that you can put in an overhead compartment on a plane. Suddenly, stand-up paddleboarding becomes mobile and your board becomes easy to store.

Store one on your boat. Bring one with you on your tropical vacation. Haul one up to your favorite hidden mountain lake. Inflatable SUP boards are extending the reach of stand up paddle boarding to every corner of the globe.

These aren't your typical inflatable water toys either. They are military grade, highly pressurized and distinctly shaped rubber stand-up paddleboards that are unbelievably rigid. In fact, we carry inflatable SUPS that can carry a 200+ pound person!

As with all boards, selecting the best construction is very important which is why we carry BOGA and Rogue boards. Both companies use a 6” Linear Drop Stitch core material for extreme stiffness in addition to a high tensile uni-directional center stringer. This construction makes our Air SUPS sturdy, stiff and responsive – more like a standard epoxy board.

For those of you who worry that pumping your ride my keep you from playing, I say have no fear! The boards blow up in under 5 minutes manually or you can purchase an Airhead Air pump, an electric pump that plugs into your car lighter, which pumps up your board in nearly half the time.
Inflatable Class 3
Boga 9 8 Air-500Interesting, right? I know. Drop me a line or give me a call and I can give you more information on these versatile boards and help you decide if they are right for you!
We have 4 Air SUPs available for our Inflatable Sale:
BOGA 9'8' Air $945
BOGA 12'6" Tsunami Air $1,245
ROGUE 10'10' Skiff $1,245
ROGUE 8' Grom $999 (perfect for your kids!)