The BOGA Series

2When BOGA set out to design and shape a board, with leaders in the industry, for the ultimate balance and stability needed for fitness on water they created the BOGA Yoga board. “We were all pleasantly surprised that while we focused on superb stability while shaping the board, the board came out with a beautiful glide.” says Dave Meyler, owner and designer of BOGA, about his creation. The BOGA Yoga is smooth on the water, fast enough to keep up with the pack, yet sturdy enough to hold paddlers of all shapes, sizes and abilities.

BOGA Yoga boards are different from other paddleboards for the following reasons:
-Completely flat top deck to the edge of the rails.
-The aqua balance shaping on the underside.
-Boxy rails.
-Wide square tail and nose, tracks really well.
-Beautifully designed pad is extra long (for those downward dog poses!) and is soft and comfortable on the feet, hands, and head! Made with water-wicking material. The yoga mat type pad is super soft yet has a great grip.
-Matte finish makes it’s surface area scratch resistant for classes/rental fleets that get a lot of use.
-Netting at the front for storage.
-Lightweight and easy to carry.

There are three versions of the BOGA Yoga that are being offered for the first time this year. The original Boga Yoga ($1,095), with the signature Caribbean blue and white stripe paint scheme. And new this year are two additional models, the Boga Yoga Bamboo ($1,295) and the Boga Air ($1,195). The Boga Yoga bamboo takes advantage of BOGA’s construction which utilizes a layer of real bamboo and reveals the beautiful wood grain on the deck. The Boga Air is sturdy and super lightweight. It takes about 8 minutes to inflate with the hand pump that is provided AND it’s ideal for travel as it fits neatly into a backpack after you deflate it.

Ebb & Flow is Atlanta’s largest supplier of BOGA boards. If you are interested in ordering a board or need help figuring out which board is right for you, don’t hesitate to talk to Kevin or Meg at the studio or email Kevin at [email protected]. It’s time to float your yoga!

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