Meet Hannah O’Leary – Fascial Stretch Therapist

Ebb & Flow is thrilled to be adding more options for Massage and Bodywork with the expansion of our studio! Meet Hannah O’Leary, a Certified Level 1 Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) Provider.  Hannah has her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Georgia State University and her FST certification from the Stretch to Win Institute.

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is an advanced, table based, passive stretching method that involves the use of stabilization straps. FST helps to increase range of motion, relieve pain and is a dynamic and functional way to improve flexibility, and the function of fascia. The fascial system is the network of connective tissues that is found all throughout the body. Healthy fascia is vital for optimal circulation and movement.

Hannah lives in Bethlehem, GA with her husband and two sons.  Hannah has always been fascinated with the body’s ability to recondition and heal itself and she is excited to share this therapy with the Ebb & Flow community. With FST, everyone has something to gain and it is for all walks of life.   Call the studio today at 770-655-4405, to schedule your first FST appointment with Hannah. 

Thai Chopped Salad

Kevin and I were craving a salad on a hot day after the lake. Our taste buds were craving something with Asian flare and I had most of the ingredients for something thai... lime, cilantro, cashews.

I stumbled upon Lindsey's blog over at Pinch of Yum and fell in love with her chopped thai salad. It's absolutely gorgeous for one. And all five humans consumed it in silence -- which translates "this is amazing." I substituted soy sauce for tamari and kept this gluten-free.

So if you are in a pinch and looking for an easy spin on a salad that feeds like a meal, try this one and let us know what you thought!


NEW Anusara-Inspired Class w/Margo

Our Friday evening Freedom Flow class is moving to Tuesdays at 5:30 pm. The class will explore anusara inspired yoga a type of vinyasa yoga that emphasizes heart-opening and the application of the Universal Principals of Alignment. Come try a class starting November 10 -- and stay after for yin, a class focused on deep static stretching. Sign up here.

Change Your Inner Climate in 2015!


Dr. Junger's Email on why you should join the cleanse. Read it and join for FREE here!

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 9.38.51 PMHi everyone Dr. Junger here.

Many years ago, we started noticing that environmental disasters were on the rise: storms, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, melting of the ice caps.

Early on, they seemed isolated, unrelated accidents of nature. Slowly the dots were connected. All these disasters were related and had something in common: global warming.

Inside our bodies, a similar crisis is brewing. The massive load of toxins we are exposed to changes our inner climate the way greenhouse gases change the Earth’s atmosphere.

In 2015, I challenge you to make your health a priority.

Just as global leaders and scientists are looking for ways to stop climate change, I encourage you to act now for your health. The longer you put it off, the more work and time is needed in the future to get the results you want.

The harmful effects of global warming on the earth are mirroring themselves inside our bodies.  By learning the similarities, I hope you are inspired to make a change toward better health.

Acid Rain

Our bodies are just like an aquarium or a freshwater lake, the environment inside our arteries needs to maintain a certain acid-base range or the cells circulating inside will die. The waste products of normal metabolism are almost exclusively acids, so the body is constantly neutralizing them as a part of daily life.

Whole, clean foods found in nature, like green leafy vegetables, are the best source of  balancing, alkaline molecules. But modern “staple foods” like sugar, dairy products, meat, coffee, and junk food are acidifying. Medications, lack of sleep, and stress also speed up acidifying processes in the body.

Overly acidic conditions slowly but surely corrode our inner terrain.. Acidity may corrode arteries, resulting in heart attacks or strokes. It may weaken joints, leading to arthritis. And an acidic environment certainly promotes the malfunctioning of key processes like oxygen exchange in the red blood cells, inflammation, blood clotting, hormone production, and nerve cell conduction.

In fact, I can’t think of a chemical reaction in the body that is not affected by acidity. During the Clean Cleanse you will improve your body’s pH by removing acidifying foods, lowering stress, and boosting detoxification.


The modern-day phenomenon of nutritional deficiency is devastating to our health. Everything that happens in the body does so through chemical reactions. Digestion, healing, and communication between cells all take place through little acts of chemistry. These chemical reactions need a certain supply of naturally occurring ingredients to function properly.

We are designed to get most of these micronutrients from foods. If they are missing, the chemical reactions simply don’t happen, imbalances start, and over time sickness and disease develop.

Popular knowledge says we need to supplement our diet with omega-3 fatty acids (fish oils). But there are other identified deficiencies that are becoming just as popular including magnesium, vitamin D, and iodine.

The Clean Cleanse begins to restore your supplies by adding specific nutrients and antioxidants to your diet that may have been missing.


Though “inflammation” is a buzzword in diet books and health magazines, most people understand just part of what it means. It is thought of as a localized area that is swollen, painful, red, and warmer than the areas around it.

But inflammation is a survival mechanism of great complexity. Normally, inflammation is self-regulated, which means that as soon as it is triggered, it starts reactions that will stop further inflammation.

However, if the body is constantly exposed to irritants, the inflammation response is switched on all the time—not just at small specific sites, but systemically all over the body and throughout the blood. Modern humans are chronically inflamed when exposure to toxins is high and constant.

Inflammation (from the Latin word inflatio, “to set on fire”) becomes to the body’s environment what wildfires are to the planet’s.

The Clean Cleanse is designed to boost your anti-inflammatory nutrients while reducing many of the triggers of inflammation.

Melting Icebergs

When the organs of detoxification and elimination are overburdened and under supported, they cannot do their job for the rest of the body.

Some diseases occur when the body starts recruiting other systems to perform secondary “emergency” duties to help.

Take osteoporosis, for example. When acidity is chronic due to a bad diet, our bones can get recruited to compensate by releasing some of their naturally alkaline salts, like calcium and phosphorus, to buffer acidity in the blood. This release results in weaker bones and possible increased injury.

A specialist might then prescribe an expensive drug to stimulate the cells that manufacture bone or large doses of calcium to encourage bone strengthening. But none of this makes sense without reducing blood acidity at the same time.

Without the right alkalinity in the blood, the calcium will not be assimilated into bone and may actually end up in the coronary arteries or joints.

We should take it back one step, before the treatment, and start with the question, “Why is the patient acidic?”

The Clean Cleanse deals with the root of these issues by removing toxic food and irritants, adding in important nutrients, supporting the detoxification systems in the body, and establishing or improving long-term healthy habits.

The Challenge

An old proverb says that when a butterfly flaps its wings in Japan, the chain of cause and effect may end up manifesting as a tsunami elsewhere in the world. In the same way, a failed chemical reaction involving a few molecules in your liver might show up as a systemic health condition later on.

Everything is connected. One little point in space and time may trigger a cascade of reactions that affect a much larger system downstream.

We need to shift our attention to the whole picture and create the conditions for the most apparently insignificant chemical reactions to happen as they should.

The Clean Cleanse does just that. A small action in one place, like restoring the right balance of pro-inflammatory fats and anti-inflammatory fats, or shifting the body’s acid-base ratio, triggers a cascade of positive effects in the whole body.

So are you ready to address the internal climate crisis affecting so many of us?

Are you ready to make a change this year?

To your health,

Alejandro Junger M.D.

P.S. You can start changing your health now by joining the upcoming 2015 Clean Group Cleanse. I'll be hosting 5 weeks of calls, live Q&A, and a private Facebook group. Register for free here.