Take advantage of these awesome boards for sale, there’s some of the best paddling in Georgia coming up in August, September and October.

Coreban Icon – Australian Pine
MSRP $1,500 —>SALE $900

From Classic Nose riding to swooping cutbacks the Icon in its own right is an icon in Stand Up Paddleboarding. A Classic profile gives you unsurpassed stability form Flatwater cruising to the undisclosed point break. This board deserves a place in any quiver from the seasoned pro to the first time paddler. 10’ x 29.5” x 4.5”

MSRP $1,095 —> SALE $874.99! (Brand NEW boards)

We have 2 brand new BOGA Yoga boards that need a good home! The only board designed and shaped with the leaders in the SUP yoga industry. Designed for the ultimate balance and stability for yoga on water and still glides through the water with ease. The official SUP yoga board of the Wanderlust Yoga Festival and SUP yoga leaders around the world.