FullSizeRenderThe Good Fight Beauty Products (GFBP) was started to give consumers skin care and beauty products with high quality ingredients, formulas without fillers or harsh chemicals, and simple ingredients.  We all want to fight the effects of aging.  The Good Fight Beauty wants to be in your corner to give you what you need to knock out the early signs of aging.

Owner, creator & yogi, Tiffany Brix, created GFBP after a diagnosis of a several autoimmune health issues and melanoma. She began is reevaluate everything putting in and on her body.  “I was doing a lot of research about my health and decided to experiment a little with making my own skin products that didn’t have all of the chemicals and fillers,” says Brix.  

“I researched, experimented,  had successes and failures, recalculated, and researched some more.  I settled on a formula for a moisturizer, and I loved it!” As did  friends and family.  They loved it! 

She shares her signature product in store, the Touch Moisture Mist. This liquid moisturizer gives you a touch of moisture, a touch of radiance, a touch of perfection from head-to-toe.  Spray into your hands and then apply to the desired area.    Touch Moisture Mist contains adaptogens that help bring an extreme response (dry or oily) back to the healthy normal. We use a special process to limit destruction of the acting compounds in the ingredients. All ingredients are food-grade quality and recognized GRAS (generally regarded as safe).

Ingredients: Aloe Vera (certified organic, certified Kosher), Vegetable Glycerin (certified Kosher), Protected Deep Source Irish Hills Region Spring Water, Moroccan Rose Water