Kelly Range, Owner of Studio 4 Fitness

Hello Ebb & Flow family!
I want to formally introduce myself. My name is Kelly Range and I am the owner of Studio 4 Fitness. Let me start by saying THANK YOU for allowing us to share your space for the summer. If it wasn’t for your generosity, the Studio 4 Fitness family would be homeless while our new location is being finished. So, on behalf of myself and the Studio 4 Fitness family we say THANK YOU!

I would LOVE for you to try as many of our programs as possible while we are sharing your beautiful studio. And of course, if you are a member at E|F you get a free 10-class pass!

To take advantage of the offer, here’s some steps to get you there!

  1. Check out the class schedule, click here. It’s a just sample of what we offer. NOTE: classes that are dedicated just to your membership will appear on your studio app. For example, RPM Tuesdays and Thursdays 7A.
  2. Read the class descriptions below. Then you can decide what programs are best for you.
  3. Register for classes, click here. You will need to register ahead of time and have a two hour window to cancel. Having trouble? You can call us at 770-985-6070.

If you have ANY questions feel free to ask any staff, instructor or Studio 4 member. You can visit us at the front desk from 8-10am or call us at 770-985-6070.

All the best, 
Kelly Range

Wondering where to begin with our classes? Follow our suggested progression below!

WoW/Zumba Gold/Fit & Flex: These classes are a great place to start for seniors, participants with injuries or health concerns, or those brand new to exercise. WoW (Women on Weights) is a light strength workout using small hand weights. Zumba Gold is a fun, low-impact cardio dance workout.

LES MILLS PROGRAMS: All begin with Smart Start (About half, or the first 20 minutes, of each class. Smart Start gives you a full-body workout as well as an introduction to the class. You should aim to complete ONLY the Smart Start for your first class).

BODYPUMP: Excluding the groups listed above, all members should start with BODYPUMP regardless of fitness level or age. There’s a reason this is the most-offered class on our schedule! BODYPUMP focuses on light weights with many repetitions to bring each muscle group to fatigue, which will help you build strength and endurance. Resistance training is crucial for women especially, in order to help us build and maintain bone density as we age (without bulking!). The instructor will coach you to use very light or no weight to begin.

TONE: Light cardio and resistance training combined in just 45 minutes! Amazing full-body workout for any fitness level; and with its lower impact options, ideal if you’re just starting out.

BARRE: Work further on balance and stability with a ballet-inspired light cardio and strength workout (no dance experience necessary!)

Kickbox (freestyle): Fun cardio workout with easy-to-follow punching and kicking combinations.

Dance Fitness: Want to have fun and sweat/shake off your stress without realizing you’re exercising? We offer Zumba (Latin-inspired dance) and Les Mills BODYJAM (hip-hop/modern), depending on what you enjoy!

RPM: Les Mills’ version of Spin, RPM is a 45-minute cycling class. This workout gives you all the benefits of high intensity cardio with low impact to the joints. Control the intensity yourself with the resistance on the bike!

BODYCOMBAT: Choreographed kickboxing/mixed martial arts. Higher impact and challenging options will be presented if you want to push your limits, but the instructor will also guide you through lower impact choices to help you find the right options for your personal workout.

BODYATTACK: Sports-inspired high intensity/high impact cardio with athletic strength, agility, and aerobic elements. Lower intensity options make this class accessible for where you are on your fitness journey.

BODYSTEP: Athletic cardio and strength workout using a step and light weights for the upper body. Combinations involve going up and over the step, but you can always choose to begin on the floor!